Of Valentines and misplaced priorities

With Valentines around the corner, the usual craze is back with us and nothing has changed. Really! It is as if the scenes from last year and the years before are being played all over again.

As usual, you will be pleased to know that based on factors including pocket depth, relationship length & status, status quo demands, external pressures, traditions and God knows what else, registration in the following groups are ongoing;

Group A:

Motto: Valentines is the best thing that happened since sliced bread!

If your countdown to this occasion started on 15th Feb last year, and if you can’t wait to spoil the love of your life, the only decoration in your cake (insert other superlatives)…blah blah blah, then you are in the right place.

PS: We will be closely following member’s Instagram accounts for posts and reposts of everything. I mean, who in their right mind wants to miss out on the fun? Be kind.

Group B:

Motto: Valentines what?

Oh, you got to be kidding us! Valentines? Hell no! What is it anyway and who even know where it came from? Isn’t it crazy that some blokes decided that we should have a whole day dedicated to love? For us, every day is Valentine’s Day and we need not do anything differently!

PS: We will still monitor your social accounts for any hate messages, memes and the like. Be warned.

Group C:

Motto: Aluta continua!

Huh? What are we even talking about? This is really a non-issue and the lesser we speak about it, the better. Moving on. Where is that new member we have been waiting for?

Unfortunately, some will be spending the day with all the wrong manner of people, for all the wrong manner of reasons and doing all manner or wrong things, not that it is in any way our business. I mean, don’t we have anything better to do with our lives than wonder why one would leave their spouse and kid(s) at home to go have ‘a Valentines of a lifetime’ with undisclosed people in undisclosed destinations? Never mind that they are supposedly away on a business trip at the coast.

Why would it bother anybody when an accomplished man of God is allegedly considering spending 5.4 million shillings at a well-known 5 Star hotel in the city, while his flock, who of course have absolutely nothing to do with where he gets his/her wealth, will probably only exchange kind words under a shade in Uhuru Park. Everyone should mind their own business, right?

Well, irrespective of which group you subscribe to, it doesn’t hurt to re-evaluate our priorities so that we don’t end up wasting time and resources on the wrong people.  Take some time off chasing that impossible crush and appreciate that friend that has been there for you all year long.

Have a good one.

Till next time.