The best simulation software?

When Bertrand Russell said that the whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts, he must have raised quite a few eyebrows. What do you think ran through his head? Could he have been referring to the brain’s ability to simulate? Do brains simulate in a similar manner? Could it be that data accepted by one brain isn’t recognised by another? You may be wondering what the point of this is and to be honest, you are not alone.


True or not true?

When pen touches paper giving birth of a new piece, as one starts to arrange the numerous trains of thoughts into a sensible, hopefully easy to follow story, it is sometimes easy to forget just how strong the mind is, and how it is, by far, the best simulation software to date (at least in my opinion).

Doubting? Where did all the, “building castles in the air,” and, “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride,” phrases come from? How did J. K. Rowling get a 7 book-strong series based purely on fiction? That she struggled to convince someone to publish her work in the first place just shows you how ridiculously out of touch the mind can sometimes be.

Not the best example to use but after one too many joints, many a few have gone on record explaining the most weird of ‘simulation results,’ ones that Inventor, COMSOL, MATLAB, ANSYS and Co. combined can only dream of. Men have been to the moon and back, become superheroes and built empires all in a ‘day’s work.’ To some, it is hallucination and to others, it is testament to what the brain can achieve. Napoleon Hill said that whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. This has become one of the most frequently used motivational phrase and it is easy to see why.

That we have good and bad people in the world owes to the brain as much as anything else. Offering control functions ranging from the simple stuff like control over moods, appetite, likes and dislikes, to the more complex ones like self-motivation, time awareness and hope, there is every evidence to support the ridiculously strong power of the brain.

Its ability to adapt is also second to none, taking inputs from many sources and using them to assign importance to different things. It is therefore not surprising to find that something that is so important in one brain society can be completely negligible in another. For example, whereas religion plays such an important role in the lives of a lot of people, much to the extent that Karl Marx once said, “Religion ist das Opium des Volkes,” which translates to, “Religion is the Opium of the people,” there are people to whom religion plays no role in their life. Make of that what you wish.

Some brains have brought a lot of joy in the world but sadly, quite a few have been put into bad use, masterminding segregation, exalting some and looking down upon others, unfairly taking from some and giving to others.

Why they do this and what can and should be done is debatable but the most important question is, how will you use yours?

Till next time,




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