Feeling minute?

Let’s be honest, the best of us would like a situation where we are constantly on top of the world with accolades coming our way and where, when people want to speak about us, they are compelled to only use superlatives because anything else would simply not be good enough. It is easy to live in such a world! I would like to think that when one is in this situation, even their weakest efforts are applauded and everything they touch somehow turns into gold. They are rewarded for just simply turning and, you guessed it right, can’t do anything wrong.

If I would look for a German word, I would probably use supergeil, a word made popular by a supergeil advert for a supergeil supermarkt and received by many people in a supergeil way (okay, enough of this). This word simply means that someone or something is just absolutely, freaking awesome!

In these kind of instances, it is not uncommon to find that anyone and everyone wants to associate with you. Because you have no doubts, you pull of moves effortlessly, you get the pay rise without even asking, you get the girl or the boy without breaking a sweat and you are simply the opinion leader in your clique. You probably are the measure of coolness.

Which brings me to the question: In these kind of moments, how much is your character tested?

I ask this question because like it or not, for most lovely summer days (and long may they last!) where everything just goes your way, the temperature is awesome, the barbecues won’t stop and the skies seem to be smiling with you in approval, there will be dark, cold winter evenings where you will outside, maybe at a deserted bus station, desperately waiting for a bus that seems not forthcoming and wishing that you would be done with the night already. I speak about the situations where you feel alone, the situations where you feel as if no one is looking in your direction. All around you, people seem to be moving quickly with their lives, oblivious of your presence and your outstretched arm. It is in these dark nights where your resolve will be really tested.

Will you still be kind? Will you still find the joke funny? Will you still see the best in people? Will you still help the elderly woman? In carrying out your duties, will you still produce the level of performance required from you?

I think that the ability to admit that not everything will go for us all the time and the acceptance and moving on is really underrated. More important though is rising to the occasion.

It is in these days, days when we have been questioned, when we feel like we are not good enough and when all we see is what we should do differently that our true strength comes out. As hard as it sometimes is, i think that criticism can sometimes be as important as the approval or flatter, if not more. Why? Because criticism may call for a change, it may call for more effort and it can sometimes help us to discover the extra resources hidden in us.

Here is to making better use of the dark, cold winter evenings!

Till next time,



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