Reflecting on 2014 + Season Greetings

First things first,  takes this opportunity to wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2015 to all of you who have found time from your different busy schedules, some more busy than others, to read my posts.
A card, just for you

A card, just for you

I can happily assure you that choosing to spare a minute or two of whatsapping, tweeting and double tapping on instagram to read my post did not go unnoticed. I say #thankyou #vielendank.  You are the reason this blog has been viewed close to 1000 times in 26 different countries.
As we come to the end of 2014, it is worth noting that it has been a massive year for me. My hope is that it has been worthwhile for you too and that we can all look forward to 2015 without spirals of negativity.
Amidst the personal twists and turns, hits and misses, I have had the opportunity to learn not to over-want,  take my half chances and grow up. I am not saying by any means that I am the finished product but I hope that every day I get closer there.
2014 saw the breaking of a 9 year dry spell for Arsenal as they lifted the FA cup at Wembley, thereby giving me only the second trophy of my 10 years of loyal support. I must admit that most of my growing up has been in this area. Whereas in the past I was erratic, over enthusiastic and very vocal, I am now more objective, calculated and cool personified. I celebrate wins gracefully and move on from defeats more easily. They still hurt as much though.
After being en route to Chemnitz and experiencing the contrast between Kenya and Germany, I hoped, in my Kenyan dream that one day, basic needs will be rights for all Kenyans and not privileges.
As we approach 2015, I pray that we will learn from the mistakes of 2014 and build on the good times.
Happy holidays.
Till next time,

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