Half chances!

It feels so good to be back!

A big hello to all those who missed the blog and for those who didn’t, I hope to give you a reason or two to come back again in the future.

It comes a time in your lifetime when you have to take a step back, take stock and reflect carefully on your life’s trajectory. Just like stagnant water is hazardous, stagnation in life sucks! Obviously it’s not in the way of being a breeding ground for mosquitoes, (which when you come to think of it would be like a miracle) but more in the fact that it causes disillusionment, lack of motivation and may slowly open the door for desperation. Desperation is such a huge fan of panic that they are always hanging out together, frequently tagging each other in #selfies, #groufies and #groundies. One thing leads to another and before you know it, you are making basic mistakes! Anyway, so much for that.

I am not trying to explain my blogging silence, which dates back to May, just after Arsenal had shrugged off a big, fat and ugly 9 year old monkey which had notoriously clung on their back, choosing to do its stupid dances in the most annoying grounds (The 8-2 Man U spanking comes to mind). I am just trying in a subtle way to explain what i mean by half chances.

I am talking about those opportunities that do not look obvious from the outset. Just like half chances decide games, half chances can be the difference between stagnating and going to the next level. I am talking about that stupid email about some job opportunity that irritatingly keeps popping up in your outlook. I am talking about that company you have been meaning to start since two thousand and forever. I am also talking about that two thousand shillings you have been meaning to add to your savings account but somehow you haven’t because something more interesting always seems to come up. All these are half chances.

In football, a pass is only as good as the receiving player and their ability to weave magic from it. Some of the most potent strikers are those who have proven that they have the ability to create something out of nothing on a consistent basis, This way, they are able to carry their teams through moments or games when they are struggling for form on having a bad day in the office.

Likewise, we are sometimes just a half chance away from changing an otherwise stagnant (or do we say boring) life.

Here is to the next half chance in your life!

Till next time .



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