Spiral of negativity

Hi and many apologies for the silence. It has been 4 weeks since I last posted that I have a Kenyan dream part of which is due to the numerous dreams I have been having at night where sometimes I transform into a super hero who can fly and all only to lose my power and my memory when I am many miles away from home. This means that I have to spend a week stranded in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, an old couple always seems to appear from nowhere and thanks to Google translate, they are able to help me find my way home. Stupid I tell you!

Four weeks is a lot of time and in football, every day feels like a week so it feels like I posted 28 weeks ago. An awful lot has happened most of which I didn’t see coming. I was genuinely optimistic about our title chances but there was always a big ‘if only’ we manage to keep the full squad up and running. This was sadly not to be and now we face the ugly prospect of finishing outside the Champions league places much to the joy and pleasure of our holier than thou, self-gloating and now irrelevant Man U friends. It is testament to how far down they have fallen that the only thing that excites them is the possibility of us lining against them in the Europa League next season. It could happen if we continue playing the way we are right now but only a fool would dismiss our mastery of the ‘top four trophy’ art.

How we manage to have so many players injured at this time of the season is something that I always baffles me. Maybe this will be the basis of my next thesis and who knows, I could get the chance to peep into the training ground and see the infamous rigorous training methods that are apparently the cause of our injuries.
Being Arsenal fans, we have now resulted to doing what has been synonymous with the last 9 seasons. Every Arsenal player is now not good enough for the jersey and for some, the Manager should have packed his bags ages ago. This is the point in the season where Walcott loses his football brain and my internet gets into the list of things faster than Giroud. There are also some adverts where you buy Podolski and get Diaby free and this keeps on going on and on!

The look on most Arsenal fans after games these days

The look on most Arsenal fans after games these days

I also share this frustration deeply but if supporting Arsenal has taught me one thing, then it is the fact that a good run of form over half a season does not make you the best in the world and neither does a torrid time mean you have no quality. Football, just like life, will have its ups and downs and the successful teams/people are the ones who can minimize these variations. Sadly, we are prone to being erratic. This however does not make us a bad team all of a sudden and neither does it mean that our manager is crap.

I have been accused of being too kind to Arsene Wenger and with good reason. As stubborn and indifferent as he can be, he has done well with what he had to work with unless you want to believe the hype that we always had money to spend. This year, something changed and for me the turning point was when Theo Walcott, a full England international with less than 6 months remaining on his contract resigned for us.

Turning point: Walcott signs a new contract with less than 6 months remaining on his old one

Turning point: Walcott signs a new contract with less than 6 months remaining on his old one

Last summer, we bought Özil and for the first time, I didn’t view Arsenal as a selling club. I believed again in our ambition to fight for the top honours and therefore us crambling in the manner we have is really hard to swallow. Now, our season lies in a big Wigan shaped basket and let’s not forget that they have more experience than us in this competition if the last 5 years are anything to go by. Only a top level performance will do for us and I don’t care which league Wigan is playing.

That said, I really hope that we win tomorrow, if only to stop this spiral of negativity that has been on our backs since the last time I posted.

Till next time


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