Riding our luck! +thoughts on Bayern Munich

Not long ago, there was this joke that for Arsenal, winning against Manchester United was like winning a trophy. I remember there were times when we used to really do well against them but still ended up scrambling for top 4 while they were winning the league. This joke really infuriated the Arsenal faithful and I am now starting to see why. Maybe there was some truth to the joke after all. It really sucks to feel irrelevant to proceedings!

Sometimes you get so much going against you in life that you will desperately try to blow the small positives out of proportion, if only to quench your desire for something good. If only!

In seasons past, when we have really struggled in the league and the cups, how many times have we referred to that time when we won the league unbeaten? Or when we became the first English team to beat Ac Milan at the San Siro? Or when we eliminated Real Madrid from the Champions League despite having been massive underdogs? I have lost count.

You may wonder where I am headed with all this and my question is; why were we seemingly so unlucky in that period of struggle? After the game against Liverpool yesterday, so many fans were quick to point out that we got very lucky both with some refereeing decisions as well as poor execution from Liverpool. That is partially true and I admit fully that sometimes this season we have rode our luck but this also forms the basis of my argument that luck can only accompany real quality.

Vibes of having recruited Howard Webb from Manchester United are largely unwarranted but I must concur that it is a huge relief when you go into games with a positive attitude.

Some people felt that Howard Webb was Harsh to Liverpool

Some people felt that Howard Webb was harsh to Liverpool

All a fan wants it to be assured that the team gives a fuck cares and will actually go all out to get the required result. Sometimes that is not enough to get a win but all genuine fans can take a loss when you are convinced that your team gave absolutely everything.

I liked the commitment from Daniel Sturridge for example and as much as it looks hilarious, you have to admit that he realy did make Fabianski look “like a boss”(he actually was the boss in that game)

"Like a boss" Sturridge ties Fabianski's boot laces

“Like a boss” Sturridge ties Fabianski’s boot laces

This had me thinking about the difference between the team of a few seasons ago and the current one. Why is it that all of a sudden people think we are getting lucky? How much of a successful season can you attribute to luck? Nice food for thought and to be honest I think that as cliché as this sounds, fortune favours the brave.

Luck will only be noticed if you make it count. I reasoned that for example a few seasons ago we still got some lucky moments but then fucked them up into oblivion negated them with stupid mistakes. What I think we have done this season is reduced the mistakes to a bare minimum enabling the few lucky moments to stand out.

Yesterday for example you could see that the players trust each other and are ready to put in a shift when it is necessary. If they can do that in all games, then I am completely ready for whatever lies ahead.

Wednesday against Bayern Munich is another game where we will need to be at our very best if we are to have a positive result. We will be the underdogs no question about that but the beauty of football is that the favourites do not always win. I am sure that there is no need to remind anybody about Blackburn last season or what they did to our FA cup hopes. Bayern at the moment are by a mile the best team in the world for me and it is really difficult to see how they can improve after having scooped every trophy that was on offer last season including thrashing Barcelona 7-0 over two legs.

Losing to them cannot therefore be termed as a disaster for any team but I really hope that since they eliminated us last season, we can return the compliment.

We will need all the luck we can get as well but that will only count if we are at our very best. Like Arsene Wenger said, they will have to lose at some point.

Wednesday would be a good start.

Till next time.



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