Catching up and why I am tired of trolling Manchester United!!

Hi and happy New Year 2014 from everyone here at 🙂. Everyone in this case happens to be only me but that can change.

A lot has happened in and away from the world of football since I last posted and I apologize for the silence, part of it which was brought about by the fact that some idiot decided to steal my closest technological companion, my PC.

Away from football, Late last year saw the demise of one of the  most celebrated leaders of all time and though his death is no longer on the fore-mind of most people, I still wish to say RIP Mandela. Little known to you is the fact that he toured Arsenal in 1993 and even posed for a photo with the first eleven. That means that he was an Arsenal fan and I completely refuse to listen to an opposing opinion. Cool man right there and for me his most unique qualities were his tolerance, selflessness and his ability to know when to stop.

Nelson Mandela poses with Arsenal Team in 1993

Nelson Mandela poses with Arsenal Team in 1993

Back to the football world, Arsenal has continued to defy all odds, if you have been feeding from the media and the pundits to remain top of the premier league table after 20 matches. I must admit though that only the most fickle of haters still think we don’t stand a chance. I am especially impressed at how well we are able to shut out goals with only 18 goals conceded so far. This is the best defense in the league and when you think about the fact the 9 of these goals came from two games (3-1 opening match loss at home to Aston Villa and the shock 6-3 defeat away to Manchester City), then you realize that this defense has all it takes to be a title winning one.

To the main issue of this post now and I am sincerely starting to get tired of taunting Manchester united and their fans. This is because this season they have been completely awful and no longer worthy of my emotions! They have had their worst starts for as long as I care to remember and at presently, calling them a middle table team looks like a flatter. These days, the probability of beating Manchester United equals or surpasses that of beating Sunderland. At least you know that Sunderland are aware of their abilities and will therefore defend for their lives. My analysis may be a bit harsh but raise your hand if you care because I don’t!

I can now understand why the relationship between Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson became more and more respectful over that period when we were not challenging for the title. You get to the point where you realize that a long-standing bitter opponent is no longer a rival.

I still maintain two views. One, that David Moyes is a good manager and two; the Manchester United squad has been average for years. It is testament to Ferguson’s abilities as a manager that a squad of that ability has been consistently hitting above their weight. I add another view now that no one should be fooled into thinking that the situation at the Theatre of Screams Dreams is permanent.

We will therefore ever so gracefully enjoy while it lasts.

Till next time, Cheers.


4 thoughts on “Catching up and why I am tired of trolling Manchester United!!

  1. doing great man!.. being a gooner since 2005/2006 season hasnt been easy. records has been broken( mancity’s draught watered finally) and others made (man u passing liverpools record in titles count)… and the worst record of arsenal going for a cool eight years but we are still strong

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