I really doubt that’s correct grammar but I hope that by the end of this post, you will get what I mean.

Just like me, I am sure that you have missed an opportunity in your life because you wanted to take it too much that you ended up making basic mistakes and consequently, missing it. To some people, it’s an interview, an exam or an attempt to win a tender. To others, it is the desire to impress a potential date.

In scenario 1, a young man whose request for a date with a girl he’s been chatting up on social media has been accepted. He will spend days trying to come up with the perfect lines that will hopefully knock the girl of her dreams off her feet. He will wear the best attire in his wardrobe and also try to go out of his way in terms of the venue. Fast forward to the date and he finds himself panting and with sweat forming at the back of his ears. He will find himself saying ‘meet to nice you’ instead of ‘nice to meet you’ among other mistakes. After the date, the poor guy will go to bed recounting all what he should have said and what would probably have been.

In scenario 2, meet a beautiful young graduate who has made it through a rigorous elimination process to get to the final executive interview of a lucrative (Engineering) Management Trainee Program in a respectable company. She will hit the internet looking for all the information she can get about the company (including names of Directors) and will spend whatever small amount she had saved in campus to buy some nice official outfit and get that killer hairstyle. On the interview day, she wakes up at 4 o’clock in the morning and after careful preparation complete with makeup, she will travel a hundred miles to the venue of the interview and will be there by 8 a.m. During the interview, the young graduate will demonstrate a good mastery of the company activities and will woo several panel members with her enthusiasm, only to miss out because out of slight nervousness, she swung on her seat much to the dislike of the Human Resource panel member. She will go home in anticipation of feedback that will never come.

In scenario 3, meet my favourite football club( I had to bring it in somewhere) who have had enough trophy-less seasons. On this night on 27th February 2011, they are meant to play Birmingham in the finals of the Carling Cup (now Capital One Cup). To be honest, this is a team that they dispatch without a fuss on most days. However, this ends up being a tense day and as the Official site reported, “A last-gasp defensive mix-up put paid to Arsenal’s hopes of Carling Cup glory at Wembley“. Koscielny and Szczesny wanted not to concede too much that they ended up making a mistake that cannot even be accepted at the armature level.

To sum up, this means that success or making the most of an opportunity involves a fine balance between not caring enough and caring too much that in the process, you expose yourself to stupid and avoidable mistakes that you would otherwise not make on a normal day.

That’s good food for thought.



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