It is a funny train of thought but in the eyes of some people, you will never be good enough. Get over it! Otherwise, you will spend the rest of your life trying to play catch up and every time you think you have reached a particular milestone, you find that the goal posts have been moved. You work hard to own a bike and you are still useless because you don’t have a car, blah blah blah.

I know that everyone who is worthwhile will have their fair share of haters (if you have none, re-evaluate yourself) but some hate just for the sake of it. It is these kinds of haters that I feel should get a life.

So much has been said about the eight year Arsenal Trophy drought to the point that in some people’s minds, it was just cool to tease Arsenal despite the fact that your football knowledge is smaller than a nano particle. Whereas the status quo remains, there is genuine optimism this year that something has changed at Arsenal. There is a real hunger and determination from the players, something that has lacked in some of Le Prof Teams of recent years. Whether this is linked to the summer buys of Mesut Özil and Flamini, the excellent form of Aaron Ramsey or is down to the stability going back to the second half of last season I may not know but what I am convinced of is that there is something special going on in this current Arsenal team.

Since the first day loss to Aston Villa, the team has gone on an impressive run of form triumphing over noisy neighbours Spurs and also beating Napoli in the Champions League. If you ask me, these are genuinely strong teams. Then came the losses to Dortmund and Chelsea and all of a sudden in the eyes of pundits and haters, our purple patch was as a result of not having played any top opposition (he he..The notion of Tottenham being a small team is hilarious).

The real test was therefore supposed to be the in-form Liverpool and their deadly SAS strike force. On the day, Arsenal were comfortable 2-0 winners, went 5 points clear at the top of the league and managed to keep Sturridge, Suarez and Coutinho silent. You would expect this to help Arsenal’s case as serious title contenders but no, the goal posts have been moved. We have not played Chelsea, Man United or Man City!

That there is exactly my point!

Whereas I am fully aware of the length of the season ahead, I cannot help but feel that there is a real determination from this group of players to get something out of this season. I am also aware that the goal posts will keep shifting and I hope that we will keep surprising just as the Big Fucking German Per said.

Let’s start with surprising Dortmund.

arsenal vs napoli

Come On You Gunners!!


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